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Hilary Term 2007

Animal experimentation for medical research: issues and perspectives
Venue: Mansfield College
Organisers: Katherine Morris and Martin Henig

The seminars were very successful, drawing substantial numbers of people to discuss the various aspects of animal experimentation for medical research purposes, ranging through historical, legal, ethical, psychological, theological and medical aspects, and including one talk by a medical researcher who himself engaged in animal experimentation (and who expressed himself pleasantly surprised at the civilised reception he had from audience members). All of the lectures provided a lively focus for discussion which continued in the University Club afterwards over refreshments. We hope this will feed into the positive dialogue which VERO is attempting to build up within the University, and encourage a process of information sharing between institutions and disciplines.

Week 1 (16/1/07): 'Aspects of a history of the anti-vivisection movement'
Dr Hilda Kean, History Faculty, Ruskin College

Week 2 (23/1/07): 'The future of animal law'
Simon Brooman, Business and Law Faculty, Liverpool John Moores University

Week 3 (30/1/07): 'Speciesism'
Dr Richard Ryder, former Senior Clinical Psychologist, Warneford Hospital

Week 4 (6/2/07): 'Do animals have rights?'
Dr Alison Hills, Philosophy Faculty and St John's College, Oxford

Week 5 (13/2/07):
'God, animals and embodying belief'
Dr Pamela Anderson, Reader in the Philosophy of Religion, Regents Park College, Oxford
God and the Animals
Martin Henig, Hon. Professor, University College London (Institute of Archaeology) and Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford

Week 6 (20/2/07): 'A medical researcher's perspective on animal testing'
Dr David Priestman, Dept. of Pharmacology, Oxford University

Week 7 (27/2/07): 'Animal minds and human morals'
Prof. Richard Sorabji, philosophy faculty and Wolfson College, Oxford

Week 8 (6/3/07): 'Replacing animal experiments'
Dr Gill Langley, the Dr Hadwen Trust

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